The Diversity of Human Thought: A Project

  • Judyjeub

    Are there actually churches that teach we can keep on sinning because God keeps forgiving? That really sounds like some people making excuses for behaviors they don’t want to give up… I love your blog, Cynthia.

    My take is that we don’t really understand how it is that God loves and is just and saves, but we sure like to think we do. So, in order to make our theological explanations make sense, we fill in the blanks where there are lapses and usually the stuff we fill it with are biases in our favor. Such as those churches you mention.
    I have come to move God’s work into a very personal realm where I can see it in a way that I cannot deny it. I see God’s love all around me in the way people help one another. (I know, I know, people say the same for evil, but I am talking about God’s love here.)

    I can see God’s justice, too, occasionally in our legal systems but also in the way people eventually suffer bad consequences for their bad behavior. Sometimes those consequences aren’t easy to recongnize at first. For instance, the people in those churches you talked about may not see the harm they are doing to themselves and their loved ones  by their behavior choices and by the message they spread.  When they do, perhaps one at a time, they may suffer some of this justice in the painful exprience of remorse and regret.

    And salvation, too, I have come to see in a personal way rather than in that far away place on the other side of death. I have seen people come  back from dire situations: from the edge of death after abusing their health, from horribly broken relationships, from the clutches of addiction. Salvation is everywhere.

    Someone might say, that is human love, human justice, and human salvation. In my book, the one I haven’t written yet, love is Love, justice is Justice, and salvation is Salvation. Jesus told us that God dwells within. Where there is love, he said, there is God.

  • Zack Seals

    It always seems inexplicable to me that those who claim free will so very boldly for man should not also allow some free will to God. Why should not Jesus Christ have the right to choose his own bride?

    C.H. Spurgeon