The Pity Accusation

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  • Sage_Trader

    It sucks that your parent’s didn’t file their taxes but that’s a bump in the road not a death sentence. Why not take a semester off school and then reapply as an independent student? Why not reapply now? You’d easily qualify for Pell grants and Stafford loans. Just because you tried once and were rejected doesn’t mean you give up. I know how the system works and it takes a semester or two to gain independence from your parent’s finances. But that’s no reason to give up. Now you spend your time writing about how you’re abused because your mother threw silverware at you and your dad pushed the patriarchy lifestyle? It’s silly. You are immensely loved, but need to grow up! Everyone has setbacks and yours are not that bad compared to many. Look at Stephen Hawking and what he had to deal with. Did he drop out of school, blame his parents and write blog after blog about how the system was setup against his success? Was it harder based on his circumstances? Absolutely. People aren’t encouraged because of your blog. It makes them feel justified in their lack of effort and constant bitterness & helps them blame family, society, the wealthy, etc.

  • Melody Vig

    It is so true that the spiel of “help is out there!” is a big fat lie, nothing but a bag of dicks. When a series of astrocious events sent me into the abyss about 11 years ago, I tried everything to save my apartment, ect. And there was no help. However, I was informed that once you fall into that hole of hopelessness and homelessness, there is little to no chance you will ever fully pick yourself back up. I am proof of that theory. Here I lie, over a decade later, still struggling, still fucked. I have tried and tried endlessly. I haven’t given up yet, but I don’t see how I will ever be okay. Everyday is a struggle and I pray that you have better luck than me, Cynthia. I think you will. You’re a special and unique snowflake.

  • Nysha

    You’ll never make everyone happy, so you might as well do what you want. You do not have an obligation to make your blog encouraging to other people. I’d rather read about your real life than have you plaster on a fake smile and write about the weather because you don’t want to discomfort anyone by writing about how depressing it is to be sick, poor, and needy.

    Poverty sucks. Income equality and unfair access to resources make it damn difficult to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” like people expect. Even college isn’t the end-all, be-all cure. I went back to college after my husband died and now I’m either over-educated or too old, competing with bright & eager 20-somethings. Right now everything seems to be out of my control and I’m angry, tired, and depressed. But, I know that this is not my whole life, it’s an unfortunate dip. It will get better, maybe not right away, but at some point I’ll realize I’m happy again and I can make positive choices to slowly step forward. My hope is that your path moves you forward in a positive direction also.