Recovering from Devotion

  • zardeenah

    Cynthia, I have followed your story for a long time. You are so brave, and reading your blog is a gift! We have been lucky to have support through crisis, and I just want to reach out to you and pay it forward – what can I do to help? Do you have a patreon or a current GoFundMe going? Let’s chat!

  • 新年虽已过,好运不打折!

  • Sage_Trader

    Why not go back to school? You’ll qualify for Pell grants and low-income scholarships and you can move on campus? Or, you can develop an employable trade or skill. Hair stylists can make $40,000 and set their own hours and it only takes 9 months to receive a certification. Plumbers can make $80,000-90,000+ and it doesn’t take college. They learn with a paid apprenticeship. I don’t know your whole story, but you’re young and have tons of choices. Writing isn’t paying the bills so why not get to work and treat writing as a hobby until it can sustain you? There are people that have had it much tougher than you and have made something of their lives. Take responsibility for your choices.

  • Lisa Grim

    I’m glad to see you posting, Cynthia. You have been through so many hard things! Even though I don’t know you personally, I think of you often, as a fellow member of the tribe of spiritually hurt homeschoolers. If it’s any comfort, my spiritual and emotional journey, though rocky, keeps unfolding and revealing new insights…and giving me a joy I never found in Christianity. I see so much pain looking back, and so much opportunity looking forward.
    I hope that things are improving for you. Keep moving forward and speaking your truth. Call out abuse for what it is. Take care of yourself as much as you can.

  • Melody Vig

    “Chasing the Scream” is a fantastic book. My friend in England is a friend of his and led me onto him, you should check him out, the ex-“drug kingpin of Arizona” , author, prison activist (and super sexy) Shaun Attwood.