Drinking from the Final Straw

  • Leona

    I am so glad you got out.
    The hipocrasy lined projection of your Dads addiction boils in my blood.

    I hope he is still sober, I hope he is following the steps, specifically the surrender to a power greater than himself. I hope as he goes through the steps he truly goes in deep.. half measures avail nothing.

    I am not surprised to hear of the addiction though, just the fact that your parents deceptive actions mirrors that of addicts. Your Parents feed on the need for control, and when it doesn’t go “their way” they turnto the bottle, not their Bible. It disgusts me- and despite their denial – if what they have long preached and evangelized truly meant anything to them, then they would be the first to realize you can’t throw stones in a glass house. However based on their faith they would also know that their God, the one they based raising their children on – sees/knows all, you can’t gaslight God, and even they have clay feet.

    I am a little bummed that your parents took down their blog they previously had. The one where they speak of their faith based parenting .. ( had been reading it for years) – I saw through during the kids by the dozen… I saw your sad face, eager to please- and the arrogant boastful pride your parents presented, despite the fact they shared that your mother first got pregnant out of wedlock…. and when that child (daughter/sister) did that of the same, they had the audacity to kick her out … .. well clearly it’s a “do as I say, not as I do” situation.

    I am so glad you got out, keep us posted on what you need- there is an entire community that loves and supports you for you.

    http://www.rachelmurr.com/unnatural.html – my story is in this book- I plan to write a book someday also in regards to being raised with extreme religion.

    Also I saw in one of your blogs that your Father would call posters from FJ /forums – “hate mail”

    Nah dude – this is “TRUTH MAIL” your “alternative facts” are what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night.

    Onwards fierce one! Keep being the voice !!!