Alecia Pennington, Identity Abuse, and Me

  • Leona

    It’s a control thing, he is totally a controlling narssistic gaslighting manipulative man.

    He can’t surrender his need for control to his higher power .. which in turn makes him a hippocrate if the words he has preached.

    I too grew up with parents that mistrusted medical professional – As a result? I am dealing with Severe orthopedic complications that should have been addressed when I was a child. I am now nearly disabled.

    I have been thinking a lot about your family. I am glad you made it out, but from the sounds of it your mother and father are grasping at anything they can to assert dominance over you still.

    On a biblical “note” – if they truly believed what the Bible states, than their concern for you should be surrendered to Their God, and their pathetic attempts at control over their grown adult children, released into their faith.

    Oye – in the event Mr/Mrs Jueb is reading this, which I suspect they may be. I want you to know that your white washed Christianity fence is starting to fade-
    The grains deep in the wood are showing and the paint is starting to chip away. Grow up and be accountable for the lives you brought into this world, give your children their government issued paperwork, and take a long hard look in the mirror and ask WWJD? …

    Keep posting Cynthia – keep this message going- keep speaking up and out against manipulators and abusers hidden by the cloak of “Christianity”

  • MLH

    Is there a reason you can’t file a request from the social security administration for a new card? I think it costs $10-20 but should be doable.