Why Spiritual Highs Scare Me

  • Leona

    Sending you so much love and light Cynthia. I remember watching you on Tv and seeing a light in your eyes, your heart pure and wanting to help, your spirit not yet broken…. and my heart aching knowing that light would suffocate if not set free. (I knew that because I lived a similar hell) For some reason beyond me.. I have followed you all these years .. I am not much older than you, but have been rooting for you all this time (through your debate leagues, etc) when I read that you had broken free- a sense of relief- knowing the light had room to grow, but terrified as the world is harsh, and the PTSD lingers.

    Never the less Cynthia, you are breaking waves by sharing your story. For so many children …now adults .. tormented by years of abuse disguised as “Gods word” please keep us updated – and if you ever come to Minnesota, you have a friend here.