Letter to an Escapist

Dear warrior princess, I wish you could see the fantasy all around you that you spoke about in your letter. When you wrote to me, you said, “If there is no fantasy here, I might as well put myself back into books.” Read. Escape. Tell me what you find. Remember reading about your favorite characters, [...]

Purple Streak

Comforting Consistency

“How are you doing today?” My therapist asked. “I’m starting to think emotional stability might be a myth, and a futile pursuit.” I replied. It was perhaps the most difficult session I’d had so far in counseling, but what helped wasn’t anything new my therapist had to offer. It was reminding myself of what I [...]

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Misunderstood Metaphors: Baby Steps

“Just take baby steps,” they say. “Just one small piece at a time.” It’s an insult to babies, really. As if size mattered when something as complex as bodily coordination is being mastered with impressive determination. Have you ever seen a baby learn to walk? They don’t take small steps. If you told the baby [...]

It will never be mindless again.

“This would be a lot easier if your car had an RPM gauge.” Austin said. He proceeded with my lesson on how to drive a manual anyway. He said I’d have to just feel for the engine’s power. “Be one with the engine. Got it.” I said. When Austin’s dad, who said I could call [...]

Benevolent and All-Powerful: A logical incompatibility?

In my last post, I talked about Barbara Ehrenreich’s book “Living with a Wild God.” The part of the book that most bothered me was this logic: “If there was one thing I understood about God, it was that he was not good, and if he was good, he was too powerless to deserve our [...]

Book Review: Living with a Wild God

I just finished reading Living with a Wild God: A nonbeliever’s search for the truth about everything by Barbara Ehrenreich. It was published in April of this year, and Ehrenreich is the bestselling author of a book I haven’t read, Nickel and Dimed. The book centers on this question: what are atheists supposed to do [...]

Does Sacrifice Imply a Net Loss?

Yesterday I had a discussion about the logic of Jesus. Like I do. One of my friends, who is an atheist, texted me to question my use of the word “sacrifice.” For context, I’d posted this online: “When love is demonstrated in sacrifice, it cannot ever again be synonymous with control, guilt, and expectations.” “Proposal: you [...]

Birthday Post 3: Feeling 22

I’d been up for an hour this morning before I realized it was my birthday. I think that’s a first for me. I’m usually excited about a new age. I’m only writing a post today to continue the routine. There’s so much going on, and so much I can’t talk about publicly yet. Some of [...]

Helping People with Open Hands

Several weeks ago, two friends came to my house for church. They were seeking life advice and spiritual mentoring, and what better than a tea party in the basement of an unofficial woman pastor? I made cucumber sandwiches and cream cheese rolls, and we had Peet’s mango tea, and talked about science and career decisions [...]

Thoughts on Being an Adult with Imaginary Friends

I wasn’t the type of kid who liked dolls or toys. I wanted everything to be as real as possible. Play-food annoyed me, because it looked tempting, but I couldn’t eat it. I spent time in the real kitchen at an early age because I wanted to experience what I was making. If I read [...]