There are countless people following my story and hoping I’ll write again. So here’s why I haven’t been writing. I’m one of the many victims of the United States’ third world status. I have no family to turn to for support. I’ve moved ten times in less than five years. One of those times, I … Continue reading Displacement

Yet Another GoFundMe

I’ve made so many fundraisers to get by over the past few years that waking up on Christmas Morning to calculate costs and fall short is exhausting. As many of you know, my man and I have been steadily working to pull ourselves out of poverty. We’re doing much better – in the summer of … Continue reading Yet Another GoFundMe

Arguing with the Void

Is science another religion, or does studying it benefit humanity? The more we learn, the less we know, and that massiveness of not-knowledge is the void. Physically, spiritually, consciously. That which we do not know, cannot observe, cannot comprehend, is outgrowing God so fast that he’s just ordinary beans compared to Jack’s cloud-reaching plant. And … Continue reading Arguing with the Void