Blessing the Child

The story goes like this. A man once grew old, and in his age, he also became ill. One night he had a dream, and it was full of epic symbolism, and revealed to him the meaning of his life. He saw that the illness would kill him. He saw also that the illness had [...]

How To Respectfully Use Self-Identifiers

A few weeks ago, I got into a conversation about religion with some people I’d just met, like I do. The guy next to me said he was writing a book about Christian theology, and the woman next to me said she didn’t believe in God. My question for her was short and clear, and [...]

When Suffering is Powerful

If you look up the word “suffer” in a modern dictionary, it means to experience pain, or to be damaged. It’s passive. In Webster’s 1828 dictionary, suffering implies choice. Sufferers allow or permit things, and they undertake the difficulty and pain of whatever tasks they choose. It’s active. In other words, in another time, nobody [...]

Letter to an Escapist

Dear warrior princess, I wish you could see the fantasy all around you that you spoke about in your letter. When you wrote to me, you said, “If there is no fantasy here, I might as well put myself back into books.” Read. Escape. Tell me what you find. Remember reading about your favorite characters, [...]

Purple Streak

Comforting Consistency

“How are you doing today?” My therapist asked. “I’m starting to think emotional stability might be a myth, and a futile pursuit.” I replied. It was perhaps the most difficult session I’d had so far in counseling, but what helped wasn’t anything new my therapist had to offer. It was reminding myself of what I [...]

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Misunderstood Metaphors: Baby Steps

“Just take baby steps,” they say. “Just one small piece at a time.” It’s an insult to babies, really. As if size mattered when something as complex as bodily coordination is being mastered with impressive determination. Have you ever seen a baby learn to walk? They don’t take small steps. If you told the baby [...]

It will never be mindless again.

“This would be a lot easier if your car had an RPM gauge.” Austin said. He proceeded with my lesson on how to drive a manual anyway. He said I’d have to just feel for the engine’s power. “Be one with the engine. Got it.” I said. When Austin’s dad, who said I could call [...]

Benevolent and All-Powerful: A logical incompatibility?

In my last post, I talked about Barbara Ehrenreich’s book “Living with a Wild God.” The part of the book that most bothered me was this logic: “If there was one thing I understood about God, it was that he was not good, and if he was good, he was too powerless to deserve our [...]

Book Review: Living with a Wild God

I just finished reading Living with a Wild God: A nonbeliever’s search for the truth about everything by Barbara Ehrenreich. It was published in April of this year, and Ehrenreich is the bestselling author of a book I haven’t read, Nickel and Dimed. The book centers on this question: what are atheists supposed to do [...]

Does Sacrifice Imply a Net Loss?

Yesterday I had a discussion about the logic of Jesus. Like I do. One of my friends, who is an atheist, texted me to question my use of the word “sacrifice.” For context, I’d posted this online: “When love is demonstrated in sacrifice, it cannot ever again be synonymous with control, guilt, and expectations.” “Proposal: you [...]