Getting Started on Questioning Christianity: A Booklist

If you were raised in a Christian home, you’ll have to eventually wrestle with the faith. God is personal, and you aren’t a Christian just because your parents were. You must make it your own. People ask me questions all the time about Christianity. Sometimes the questions are cynical, rooted in pain. That’s okay. You’re […]

Vital Signs: The Monster Inside

For the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to a song called “Ghost Assassin (Kerrigan’s Theme)” by Maduk ft. Veela. Since I’m not a gamer, I had to look up the character this song is based on. I’m probably going to vastly oversimplify and misrepresent this story, but here goes. Sarah Kerrigan was a powerful […]

Why I Still Quote the Bible (A Commentary on my Huffington Post blog)

Okay, look: I think the Bible is true. It’s just not a book of rules, and maybe we’d be better off if it was never canonized and idolized in the first place. So to everyone who read this article and are asking, “do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?” and “why do you […]

How to Fail Faster as a Writer

When I mentioned in this video that I might someday want to write video games, several of my friends got excited. They’re eager to get me into PC gaming, and I’ve made myself this promise: if I’m making enough off of my writing (books and screenplays at the moment) to quit my job, I’ll pick […]

The Individuality of Christianity

“No additional shot nor powder, a compass that doesn’t point north…” the man pulled out the sword. “And I half expected it to be made of wood.” Last time I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, this scene made so much sense to me. Of course Captain Sparrow’s arsenal didn’t make any sense. […]

The Gray Area Problem

Fundamentalism may exist in a black-and-white world. But saying it’s full of the logical thinkers, and those outside it are in a murky cloud of gray with no sense of justice, is giving it way too much credit. I know because I used logic, and I saw colors beyond my simplistic black-on-white battle lines. It […]

Judge My Music, Not My Books

Sometimes I carry books around with me. Some of these times, people give me a hard time for what I’m reading. Maybe the author has a bad reputation. Maybe a friend picks up the book and flips through it, declaring afterward “this author is stupid.” Here’s the thing about reading: I’m usually not consuming to […]

Dealing With Nightmares

I wrote this as a Facebook note in mid-January, and thought I’d share it on the blog. I woke up to the sound of screams in the distance. Everything was still, terribly still, as I held my arm, wounded and bleeding from breaking my fall. It took me a moment to realize the dream had […]

Prisoners Who Wait

Every day, I’ve been putting in hours to work on my book, Poet Seeker. Here’s something I wrote in the book today. Thank you all for your support as I update my blog less often. I’ll tell you about the book as I get closer to finishing it. Also, check out my YouTube channel – […]

Learning to Breathe

I do this thing where I don’t let myself relax. I’ll be hanging out with friends, and I’m training myself to be in the moment instead of thinking about the other things I need to get done this week. I don’t game, even though I love games, because it feels like a waste of time. […]